ShiHan Michael Revell has been training in Pangai-Noon Kung-Fu/Karate since 1988. Michael received his first degree black belt and Instructors Certificate from Sensei Allen Bentley in 1991, having learned a total of 8 forms (6 open hand forms and 2 weapons). Beginning in 1995, Sensei Michael studied the three central forms of Pangai-Noon for over 4 years with Grand Master Allen Horton.

   After more than 9 years studying this system and learning at least 3 differing versions of the original 8 forms of Uechi-Ryu Karate (Pangai-Noon Kung-Fu) Michael consolidated the different versions of each form and adopted his own "comprehensive" form set based on the original style with several additions. The "Wan Style" (named for his sons' Chinese Heritage) includes Michael's version of all 8 open hand forms and the two weapons forms added to the system by ShiHan Horton.

   Michael has been teaching Pangai-Noon regularly since 1991 and in it's current format since 1998. ShiHan Allen Bentley promoted Sensei Michael to 5th degree (ShiHan) in January, 2011. Michael is dedicated to teaching Kung-Fu in a "family style" tradition and proud to be passing this style on to his 3 boys, Josh, Jacob and Zach. Michael is currently teaching Pangai-Noon at his private training hall at 1418 W. Tharpe st, Tallahasse, Florida.